Terms of Booking and Stay

1. Validity

These terms and conditions apply to reservations made on an autonomous basis via the www.masseriafanizzi.com site.
For requests relating to special bookings, for example, for groups, groups, etc., you must contact the Masseria Fanizzi management directly through the contact details listed in the contact page to arrange a personalized reservation.

2. Sales prices

All prices quoted are for end-user list prices and include taxes. Prices and discounts can be changed at any time, without prior notice, except for reservations already confirmed and accepted. It is our facility to replace the room or refund the user in case of unavailability of the premises.

2.1 Children

When making a reservation, the distinction relating to Children is understood to be under 10 years of age. In the application of rates and any discounts, the ages are for years not completed at the time of the entire stay.

3. Confirmation of reservation

The validity of the reservation is, in effect, subordinated to the payment of the deposit which can be made via telematics through the payment gateway or by bank transfer to the coordinates provided via e-mail.

3.1 Arrival

On the day of arrival check-in is scheduled between 15:00 and 18:00. Accommodation will only be available after completing the required registration and payment procedures.

On arrival, it is mandatory to show identity documents of all reservation people, including minors of any age, under art. 109 of Italian Testo Unico delle leggi di Pubblica Sicurezza.

These check-in times may be subject to change only in case of prior agreement with the management.

3.2 Leaving

On the day of departure, it is mandatory to leave the accommodation before 10:00 am to allow for adequate cleaning.
For departures after this time (however no later than 14:00 and previously agreed upon), a surcharge of 50% of the daily price of the room will be required.

3.3 Reorder and Cleaning

Daily room reorder and bathroom cleaning are done from 10:00 to 11:00 with the room free (subject to different arrangements with the guests).
Bed linen is changed once a week and towels 2 times a week.

4. Cancellation of booking

Reservations can only be canceled in writing. For cancellations up to 40 days before the expected arrival day, the entire deposit due will be returned; in case of cancellation less than the above mentioned time, the deposit will be retained as compensation.
In case of late arrival or departure in advance of the dates provided, however, the whole booked stay will be invoiced and no refunds or discounts will be made.
No reimbursement will be made in case of non-compliance with these Conditions of Stay and/or all of the terms provided by the Stay Rules below.

4.1 Right of Withdrawal

Pursuant to Italian Decreto Legislativo n. 185/1999 art. 7 the right of withdrawal shall not apply to contracts for the provision of services relating to accommodation, transport, catering and leisure when, at the conclusion of the contract, the supplier undertakes to provide such services at a given date or in a predetermined period.

5. Payment methods

You can pay the price of your stay by bank transfer in advance or on arrival in cash or by credit card, debit or prepaid card VISA or MasterCard exclusively for the user.
We do not accept checks.

6. Terms of stay

6.1 Pets

No animals of any kind are allowed. In case of non-compliance with this prohibition access to the structure will not be allowed even to the pet owner.

6.2 Access to the structure

There are no restrictions to entry and exit hours from the structure (each room has an independent entrance of which you can ask for the key). For everyone’s safety, please lock the entrance door every time you leave or enter.
It is not allowed to use or access the kitchen or other service areas.
It is not allowed to introduce people who are not registered as guests in the structure unless previously authorized.

6.3 Behavior

It is mandatory to respect the silence from 14:00 to 15:30 and from 23:00 to 08:00 in order to allow all the guests a proper rest. Please, in any case, maintain a respectful behavior avoiding shouting and keeping acceptable the radio and TV volume.

Always wear appropriate clothing in public.

Please park the cars in an orderly manner to occupy the smallest possible space.

6.4 No smoking

Under the law it is forbidden to smoke inside the whole structure. Smokers are kindly asked to go outdor and get away from outside public areas for smoking. It is also forbidden to throw butts or other waste outside the appropriate binders.

6.5 Food and drink

For safety reasons it is not allowed to introduce and consume food and beverages outside of the one served inside the structure. In case of special needs (such as allergies or intolerances) guests can make preventive arrangements with the management.

6.6 Breakfast included

Breakfast will be served from 08:00 to 10:00, except for several agreements with the staff.

6.7 Internet

Guests are granted access to the Internet exclusively in wi-fi mode through the hot-spots set up within the facility. However the direction does not guarantee any continuity or quality of the wireless signal, nor of the speed of navigation. Masseria Fanizzi cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the terminals that access the computer network, nor for the loss of data or non-enjoyment of the telematic services due to malfunctions, slowdowns, viruses or other causes of any kind.
The user also assumes full responsibility for the actions carried out related with the access to the Internet and remains, in any case, solely responsible before the law.

6.8 Valuables

We decline all responsibility for any valuable items left unattended in the room or in the entire structure.

6.9 Damage to goods

In the case of damages caused to the accommodation, to the furnishing, to the accessories or to other goods inside and outside of the structure, the relative expenses will be charged to the person responsible for the damage, or to the guest owner of the reservation or to the parent in case of damage caused by minors.

7. Applicable law and jurisdiction

Italian law applies. The territorial jurisdiction for any dispute will arises is the competent judicial authority based in the district of the Court of Bari.

8. Exclusion of liability of Masseria Fanizzi

All data is collected and treated diligently and meticulously. Masseria Fanizzi does not respond of errors in the processing or transmission of data. The entry of data into other portals, even if partial, or use for purposes other than those envisaged, are permitted only upon explicit authorization of the customer, subject to authorization and consent to the treatment and dissemination by the subjects Interested.

9. Privacy Policy

The reservations system and the management of Masseria Fanizzi operate in compliance with the aforementioned privacy law. Therefore, for the execution of the requested services, with the reading of this article and the acceptance of the present on-line booking contract terms, the customer explicitly consents to the processing of the personal data provided and their consequent use for the fulfillment commercial, administrative and tax related to the service offered here. The consent, once given in the form just described, also includes the use of personal data of the user for sending advertising material to it, prepared by our marketing department, possibly also in consultation with our suppliers of promotional services and advertising.

In relation to the processing methods, we inform you that:

  • The personal data collected will be collected and used in a lawful manner, with computer and paper systems, exclusively to satisfy the requested services.
  • The acquisition of personal data concerning the customer is a necessary condition for providing the requested services. Failing this, it will not be possible to perform the services requested and to fulfill the consequent obligations connected with the execution of these services.
  • At any time the person concerned may have access to their personal data and may request to modify or delete them, by contacting Masseria Fanizzi through the contact details indicated on the contact page.

The person in charge of the processing is Mr. Giuseppe Fanizzi as owner of Masseria Fanizzi.